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"Thank you for visiting Katya Campbell Fitness! It's an honor to be able to share with you my passion for yoga, functional fitness, and nutrition. I hope this marks a step for you on a journey finding your way back to the heart of who you are. Our natural state is wellness and joy! Our bodies are absolutely incredible at trying to find 'balance' and if we help it along, our lives can be so much more vibrant and centered. Each of us has the potential to be moving with ease, eating without fighting our bodies, and feeling at home in this one body we were blessed with. Yoga and fitness have been one of the greatest gifts in my life, and they have provided me with solace and comfort even when the world feels so off center during crisis's like todays. It's times like these that movement can help us find places where we can breath, settle, and restore even in the midst of the chaos and anxiety. It's often during these stressful times that our fitness and nutrition habits fall apart. Sometimes we just need a little help getting back on track. Or maybe this time finally allows you to focus on you. Whatever it is, I would love to be part of your journey."

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Katya Campbell



Katya Campbell has been a certified yoga teacher in Canada, the United States, and Korea for 24 years. She owned a successful yoga studio for the past 15 years until recently when she decided to become the full time coach and manager at Power By You Elite Fitness. She continues to teach classes for a lovely group of senior folks who are passionate about leading healthy, energetic lives enriched by mobility, breath work, and accessable yoga poses all from a chair. Katya also provides free yoga videos via her youtube channel as a way to offer yoga to the greater world at large. 

In 2010, after a devastating back injury which ended in surgery, Katya found CrossFit as a way to rebuild her strength and become functional again. This lead her to fall in love with the sport and she is now a certified Level 2 CrossFit coach and Gym Manager of Power By You Elite Fitness in Nelson, BC. Katya is also a certified level 1 Movement and Mobility Specialist with physiotherapist Kelly Staretts 'The Ready State'. Katya competed in CrossFit as both an individual and as a team in the sport. She trains under the guidance of OPEX coach and retired Regionals Games Athlete Leo Grypma.

As a way to improve her performance as an athlete, Katya started exploring nutrition. She found that the combination of eating mindfully, with a variety of micro and macronutrients, being accountable to a nutrition coach, and exploring different diets (whole food, gluten free, vegan, and paleo) she was able to restore gut health, perform with better recovery, and increase strength and overall wellness.


Katya is the proud mom of three kids, a passionate horsewoman, and spends her time growing delicious food in her garden, exploring the mountains, and traveling.  She lives in Nelson BC. With her husband and family of children and furry friends.

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